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Ombar New Laptop Battery for Dell J1KND 4T7JN 15r 17r 14r 13r Dell Inspiron N5110 N 5010 N5030 N5040 N5050 N7010 N7110 N4010 N4110 M5030 M5010 M5110 – 12 Months Warranty [Li-ion 6-Cell]

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High-Capacity: 5200mAh 58Wh 11.1V,support you about 3 hours under intensive use, more than 600 recharge cycles over the life
Samsung Grade A cell: A good battery cell can be stored and released energy steadily for a long time,we import cell from Samsung, even if it is expensive, but very durable.
Safey is not joke: Our Lithium cobalt oxide material is more stable, secure and efficient than low-cost lithium manganese oxide materials which apply to battery often swell, short life even explode

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Please fee the battery absolutely for first time use
We counsel the use of authentic adapters
Any query please contect with us

Taking excellent care of your battery

Having a battery absolutely charged and the computer plugged in isn’t destructive. We advise that you just take away the battery whilst the hardware gets too hot.
Partial discharges to Capability levels of 20~30% and frequent charges are advisable at the same time as a whole discharge followed through a whole fee isn’t.
To retailer a battery for long periods of time, its fee Capability must be around forty% and it must be stored in a spot as recent and dry as conceivable.

Compatible Style:
Dell Vostro: Vostro 1440 Vostro 1450 Vostro 1540 Vostro 1550 Vostro 3450 Vostro 3450n Vostro 3550 Vostro 3550n Vostro 3555 Vostro 3750 Vostro 3750n

Dell Inspiron :
M501 / M501R / M5010 / M5010R / M501D / M5110 / M5030 / M5030R / M411R / M511R / M4110
13R / N3010 / N3010D / N3010D-148 / N3010D-168 / N3010D-178 / N3010D-248 / N3010D-268 / 3010-D330 / 3010-D370HK / 3010-D370TW / 3010-D381 / 3010-D430 / 3010-D460HK / 3010-D460TW / 3010-D480 / 3010-D52 / 3010-D621
14R / N4110 / N4010 / N4010D / N4010D-158 / N4010D158 / N4010D-158 / N4010D-248 / N4010D-258 / N4010R
15R / N5110 / N5010D-148 / N5010D-168 / N5010 / N5010D-148 / N5010D-168 / N5010D-258 / N5010D-278 / 5010-D330 / 5010-D370HK / 5010-D382 / 5010-D430 / 5010-D460HK / 5010-D480 / 5010-D481 / 5010-D520 / N5010R / N5030 / N5030D / N5030R / N5040 / N5050 17R / N7110 / N7010 / N7010R / N7010D

Compatible Section Number:
0383CW /04YRJH /06P6PN /07XFJJ/ 0J1KND/ 0J4XDH /0W7H3N /312-third/ P20G001/ UM7/ UM8/ UM9 /W7H3N

OMBAR supply 12-month guaranty, 30 days’ refund policy, any query about Ombar battery, please let us know. It’s our responsibility and honor to serve you
Top-Capability: 5200mAh 58Wh 11.1V,give a boost to you about 3 hours underneath extensive use, greater than 600 recharge cycles over the life
Samsung Grade A cellular telephone: A excellent battery cellular telephone can also be stored and released energy often for a very long time,we import cellular telephone from Samsung, although It’s pricey, however very sturdy.
Safey isn’t joke: Our Lithium cobalt oxide subject matter is more stable, safe and environment friendly than low-value lithium manganese oxide fabrics which observe to battery ceaselessly swell, short life even explode
Top-Finish PCB with Texas Instruments Master Chip: Lead-free PCB has small internal resistance, less warmth benefits, conversion potency of power greater than eighty five%
Size: 1: 1 reproduction authentic battery size, suit your computer.ABS shell have superb warmth resistance, wear-resistance, corrosion resistance


170, hundredths-inches, 960, hundredths-inches, 65, hundredths-pounds, 350, hundredths-inches




6 Cell