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Extended Capacity (6600mAh) New Laptop Battery J1KND for Dell Inspiron 13R 14R 15R 17R N3010 N4010 N5010 N7010 M501 M503, Vostro 1440 3450 3550 3750, Fit 312-0233 04YRJH FMHC10 YXVK2 J4XDH 9TCXN 4T7JN

$25.99 (as of January 21, 2018, 3:01 pm)

Battery type: Li-ion; Capacity: 6600mAh ; Voltage: 11.1V ; Cells: 9-cell.
Compatibility:Inspiron 13R 14R 15R series M501 M5010 N3010 N3110 N4010 N4050 N4110 N5010 Vostro 3450 3550 375 Replace for: 04YRJH 06P6PN 07XFJJ 0YXVK2 312-0233 312-0234
Grade A cell ensure fast charges and low power consumption; Built-in circuit protection ensures both safety and reliability.

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Appropriate P/N:
J1KND 312-third, 04YRJH, FMHC10, YXVK2, J4XDH, 9TCXN, 9T48V, 965Y7, 4T7JN

Appropriate Computer Fashions:

DELL Inspiron 13R Collection(All)
DELL Inspiron N3010 Collection(All) DELL Inspiron N3010D DELL Inspiron N3010R DELL Inspiron N3110 Collection(All)

DELL Inspiron 14R Collection(All)
DELL Inspiron M4040 Collection(All) DELL Inspiron M411R Collection
DELL Inspiron N4010 Collection(All)
DELL Inspiron N4010D DELL Inspiron N4010R DELL Inspiron N4011
DELL Inspiron N4011D DELL Inspiron N4110 Collection(All)
DELL Inspiron N4040 Collection(All) DELL Inspiron N4050 Collection

DELL Inspiron 15R Collection(All) DELL Inspiron Q15R Collection(All)
DELL Inspiron N5010 Collection(All) DELL Inspiron N5010D
DELL Inspiron N5010R DELL Inspiron N5011
DELL Inspiron N5011R DELL Inspiron N5020 Collection
DELL Inspiron N5030 Collection(All) DELL Inspiron N5030D
DELL Inspiron N5030R DELL Inspiron N5040 Collection
DELL Inspiron N5050 Collection DELL Inspiron N5110 Collection(All)
DELL Inspiron M501 Collection(All) DELL Inspiron M501D
DELL Inspiron M501R DELL Inspiron M511R Collection
DELL Inspiron M5010 Collection(All) DELL Inspiron M5010D DELL Inspiron M5010R

DELL Inspiron 17R Collection(All) DELL Inspiron Q17R Collection(All)
DELL Inspiron N7010 Collection(All) DELL Inspiron N7010D DELL Inspiron N7010R
DELL Inspiron N7011 DELL Inspiron N7110 Collection(All)

DELL Inspiron 14 Collection DELL Inspiron 14 3420 Collection DELL Inspiron 3420 Collection
DELL Inspiron 15 Collection DELL Inspiron 15 3520 Collection DELL Inspiron 3520 Collection
Battery sort: Li-ion; Capability: 6600mAh ; Voltage: 11.1V ; Cells: nine-cell phone.
Compatibility:Inspiron 13R 14R 15R Collection M501 M5010 N3010 N3110 N4010 N4050 N4110 N5010 Vostro 3450 3550 375 Substitute for: 04YRJH 06P6PN 07XFJJ 0YXVK2 312-third 312-0234
Grade A cell phone make sure speedy fees and coffee energy intake; Integrated circuit coverage guarantees each protection and reliability.
This battery stands proud from the ground, elevates the Computer, and makes the Computer COOLER & more uncomplicated to make use of for typing!
Trade/Refund Coverage: Unfastened Trade/refund inside 12 months. You’ll be able to stay the order earlier than we resend a brand new one and we can electronic mail a pay as you go go back label that can assist you go back the order.


240, hundredths-inches, 1020, hundredths-inches, 95, hundredths-pounds, 490, hundredths-inches


J1KND N4010




9 Cell